The Malay Wedding Ceremony

The Malay traditional wedding institution holds a very sacred position in Malay society. Upon finding a suitable candidate, the boy's parents will dispatch a fact-finding mission comprising close family friends
to meet the girl herself and to learn more about her.
Once both parties are agreeable, an engagement
ring is placed on the girl’s finger.

The wedding date is normally fixed between six months to
two yearsafter the engagement.
At this stage, the two families discuss the amount of gift money
to be paid by the bridegroom, and also the gift items
to be brought alongon the wedding day.

The nuptial night is spent at the bride's house.
The following day, similar festivities, normally on a smaller scale,
are held at the bridegroom's house.
Then, for the next one month or so, the couple will be invited for meals at one house after another in order to usher them into the married community. However, the modern trend is to immediately go on honeymoon, postponing the socializing rites for later.