The winner takes it all... #GTA15

Jag älskar mitt jobb såpass mycket att jag betalar för att jobba!
Årets GRAND TRAVEL AWARD 2015 bjöd på överraskningar och tack vare CABONLINE's generösa bubbel-bar
kunde alla uppnå euforiska upplevelser. Med andra ord, kund-nöjdheten var på top.

Jag har kvar mina drinkbiljetter (!) som Roodeberg sponsrade. Synd att nu måste jag vänta till nästa år för att lösa in dessa..

>>>>> # GTA15 - Party photos by TIBORFOTO • Da iMMORTALIZER •<<<<<<

I just want to share with you, a great & a positive story!

I trust in fate, destiny, fortune, kismet and when I cereive a NOT predestinated phone-call,
than I feel that it was worth paying to work!
My guardian angel, called me only 3 hours before the prize ceremony at the GTA.
The caller is Angelica Montez De Oca, Director PR & Communications Nordic for CARLSON REZIDOR Hotel Group.

WOW... - she doesn't call me very often... but I was very delighted to hear her voice.
I know her, we did business before. The last one in 2012, when we celebrated the 100 year anniversary
of the STRAND HOTEL in Stockholm. What a party... WOW.

Angelica is a very nice lady and a very skilled businesswoman who knows when to call me.
Many times people call me, when they have a problem or need my skills to iMMORTASLIZE unique moments.

We had a deal after few moments...
It's easy and profitable to work with TIBORFOTO !

She gave me a mission, to iMMORTALIZE the winners for The Best International Hotel chain!
RADISSON BLU team, felt that they will win again, as they did four times i a row, for the last 4 years.

I wish Angelica will call me again soon.

With respect

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